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Actuarial Services
We would like to serve you in the following areas:

Life Insurance
We have a lot of experience with reporting for life insurers (Solvency II & IFRS). This comes both from an executive role and by fulfilling the actuarial function. We have experience in the valuation of life insurance portfolios and we provided support in various acquisition projects. As an innovative party, we have also been involved in the development of various life insurance products. This includes both risk products and savings products.

Non-Life Insurance
We have experience with traditional insurances such as motor and property products, but also in newer products such as smartphone and sharing economy insurance. Additionally, we have a GLIM model that has been enriched with recent insights from predictive modeling and machine learning.

We are active on the edge of investments and insurance. Think for example of the prognosis calculations that must be made according to the European PRIIPs regulation. Another example is the calculation of guarantee interest rates for savings insurance policies.

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