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Shared Economy Insurance
The shared economy is growing in importance in current society. InsEur is a main supplier and creator of insurance solutions which we developed in co-creation with our clients. In the insurance solutions the shared products are protected by a micro-insurance product.
For more information we refer to the productpages of Peerby and ParkFlyRent.

Pay As You Drive
This product rewards responsible driving with low car insurance premiums. Driving quality is predicted using an interactive personality scan (developed by University of Groningen) as well as the ‘App4Drivers’, a smartphone application which allows drivers to track their performance on the internet, and to compare it to that of other drivers. For this innovative application we won the Traffic Security Prize for 2012 from minister Schultz-van Haegen. For more information please contact us, or refer to our Dutch product page.

Car Savings Plan
The Car Savings Plan aims to support clients who chose to save money to buy a car instead of borrowing. Borrowers often get discounts when buying a car as the credit company rewards the dealer with a commission; however, we believe that this should change, and that savers should be rewarded. Therefore we offer the "savers" The Car Savings Plan. For more information please contact us, or refer to our Dutch product page.

Energy Insurance
The intention is to cover the client’s energy costs by means of a small premium paid in addition to the energy bill. If loss of income occurs, for example through disability, unemployment or death of the breadwinner, the energy bill will be paid. The period for which coverage exists is linked to the duration of the energy contract.

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